Today We Honor the Women of Mars Hill’s Past and Present.

Written by: Patrick Cash

In honor of International Women’s Day, we here at Mars Hill University honor the amazing women who have helped shape our institution’s history. Today, we honor Mrs. Ellen Keith Ramsey. Mrs. Ramsey owns one of the unique stories of an individual stepping forward and helping in a time when Mars Hill needed them the most. Mrs. Ramsey is the daughter of founder Reverend William Keith. Mars Hill recognizes Rev. Keith as the first benefactor of the institution after he left a bequest to the school in his will upon his death in 1853. Mrs. Ramsey possessed the same love and belief in Mars Hill that her father did. According to campus tradition, Mrs. Ramsey cashed in a $100 dollar gold piece that was part of her wedding dowry to pay off a debt that the college owed thus saving the school during its early years. We here today at Mars Hill are extremely grateful for Mrs. Ramsey and many other outstanding women like her, both past and present, who have walked our campus and made Mars Hill truly a better place due to their work and compassion.

Ellen K. Ramsey
Mrs. Ellen Keith Ramsey

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