Racing The Clock: Dr. Marc Mullinax Wins Time Trial Race


September 13, 1974: Mars Hill College Sophomore Marc Mullinax took home first place in the junior class of the North Carolina time trials on July 7, 1974. Mullinax participated in the race that placed riders in one of five categories based on their age. These five classes were veteran, senior, junior, intermediate, and midget classes.

The race took place on a 25 mile course made of up of mostly backroads which is designed to challenge the skills of each rider. Time trials are uniquely different from traditional bicycle races as each rider competes against the clock instead of against their fellow riders. Mullinax finished with a time of one hour forty-four seconds earning him a spot on the podium.

In preparation for this race, Mullinax trained daily on to increase his endurance and time. His go to training program including using rollers, or three metal cylinders that when laid in a frame allowed the rider to simulate road speed. Mullinax trained on these rollers for sixty miles a day to remain in competition shape.

Dr. Marc Mullinax graduated Mars Hill College in 1977 and returned to his Alma mater in 2001 where he serves as a Professor of Religion in Mars Hill University’s Religion and Philosophy and is currently serving as the chair of the Mars Hill University faculty.

Marc Mullinax demonstrating his riding technique to the Hilltop staff, September 13, 1974

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