A “First Class” Publication: The 1972 Cadenza Wins Two National Awards


October 6, 1972: The Cadenza, the Mars Hill student literary art magazine, was awarded two national awards for the 1972 issue of the publication. The 1972 edition of the magazine received a “Certificate of Excellence” for its outstanding use of graphic arts in effective communication. The Cadenza was chosen by the Strathmore Paper Company, which reviewed hundreds of publications that were printed on Strathmore Paper Stock. The Cadenza’s publisher, Groves Printing Company, presented the certificate to Kay Gregory, editor of the Cadenza, on September 28, 1972. Upon reception of the award, Gregory recognized all of the Mars Hill students who served on the Cadenza staff.

Along with “Certificate of Excellence,” the 1972 Cadenza was also recognized by the Associated Collegiate Press Critical Service who bestowed the honor of “First Class’ on the Mars Hill publication for the first time in the magazine’s history. Both the literary and artwork of the magazine rated highly among judges who reviewed the submissions. Judge Helen Gonzalez stated that for her the “Cadenza is a most attractive magazine, with colors and layouts that dazzle the reader. What a pleasant discover to find that the quality of the literary material is equally as impressive.”

The 1972 Cadenza

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